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Strawberry Mountain seen from Logan Valley

Roundups and Rodeos

You may not think "Cowboys" when you think about Oregon but actually, Oregon is just as much a land of cattle drives and roundups as Tombstone, Arizona or Dodge City, Kansas.

Cattle ranching is a big part of Oregon's history and culture and where you have ranches you have rodeos. If you want to see the real American West there's no better way to do it than at a rodeo. There are plenty to choose from since there is almost always at least one rodeo in Oregon every weekend all summer long.

Some, like the Pendleton Roundup, are national events and some are low-key local affairs but they are all the real deal with real cowboys and real livestock, no stunt doubles or CGI involved. If you want to see it for yourself, click on this link to the Oregon Rodeo Map. On the next page you can enter the dates you will be in Oregon, click "get map" and you will go to a map page with markers for all the rodeos in Oregon between those dates. If you click on one of the markers, it will take you to the web page for that particular rodeo. Or, if you have not yet made your plans, you can go to the Oregon Rodeo List for an alphabetical list of every rodeo in Oregon that I know of this year.

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