If you wander Portland's residential districts, you will occasionally find a decorated intersection like this. These ornamented intersections are the product of Portland's Village Building Convergence. As you can see, they can become very elaborate. Ghost Bikes. This is a ghost bike-a memorial to the victim of a traffic accident. Not a ghost bike, the monument known as the Lighthouse is older than the ghost bikes. But like them, it is dedicated to a cyclist who died in a traffic accident. This the Zoobomb pyle. Located about one block west of Powell's Books. Zoobombers are, as far as I know, unique to Portland. Search google and youtube on 'zoobomber' if you need to know more. Although the pyle looks like a sculpture, it is actually a wad of kiddie bikes chained to a pole. Zoobombers used to chain the bikes to a handy parking meter but thanks to Portland's Regional Arts & Culture Council, we now have this. This is a pyle I spotted on the East side of town. It isn't a zoobomber pyle so I don't know what it means.
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