Go towards the Forestry Center end of the Washington Park-Zoo Max stop. Look north and you will see a large map of Washington Park, which shows a network of trails Head north from there- until you find the sign that clearly says 'Start of Wildwood Trail' The start of the trail is just beyond. Remember, you won't get lost because you are in a park in the middle of the city. If you like, stop by the Hoyt Arboretum Visitor's Center for a map. There is no one best route, but the trails are clearly posted. There is a ridge between the zoo and the rose gardens and you need to go up and over it. If you can see the antenna on Council Crest, you are on the zoo side and want to go uphill. If you can see Mt St Helens you are on the rose garden side and want to head downhill. In any case here the journey is the destination This is an arboretum with a remarkable variety of trees. Many of them clearly identified for your education. The scene varies with the seasons: Flowers in the spring, Foliage in the summer, If you are in a hurry, this is not the best choice, but it's my favorite route on a sunny afternoon. If you just follow the signs that say wildwood trail it's about two miles to the rose garden which takes me about two hours. There are many, many other ways to get there, some longer, some shorter. I don't believe I have ever gone exactly the same way twice. The arboretum has different sections devoted to specific trees. One for magnolias, one for oaks, one for ginkgoes etc. And, of course, lots of Douglas Fir. Just keep going and eventually you will spot the Japanese Garden. Follow the Japanese Garden trail down, and you will be at the other end of wildwood trail. Follow the pavement down another fifty yards, to the tennis courts, and on the other side of them, the Rose Gardens.
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