Pioneer Square is a convenient spot to catch the Max. Any train that stops on the Morrison st side will take you to the Zoo station. Tickets from the vending machines at the Max stops work on buses too and they can make change and take credit or debit cards. If you pay when boarding a bus exact change is required. In the Washington Park stop, this is the east end which takes you to the zoo. The west end will take you to the Forestry Center and Wildwood Trail. Both ends take you to elevators, Which have only two stops. This is the above ground entrance to the Washington Park Max station. Both the #63 bus and Washington Park Shuttle (in season) stop in front of the Max station. Either bus will get you to the Japanese Gardens and Rose Gardens. But the 63 stops here,at the intersection of Fairview and Kingston and then heads north. You need to get out and walk one half block south to the tennis courts and the entrance to the Japanese Garden and the Rose Gardens. The shuttle, on the other hand stops at the tennis courts. Just to make it really confusing, if you take the 63 westbound from 18th ave going to the zoo, it does stop at the tennis courts. Here's a chart that may be helpful. The short version is: during the summer, you can always take the shuttle. During the winter it's complicated but you can always take the 20 Burnside if you are willing to do a little walking. There is one more way to get to the Rose Gardens which I will list for completeness: Go to the zoo- Which is a very nice zoo and very kid friendly. Buy a ticket for the zoo train. Which will take you on a ride through Washington Park. And will stop at the Rose Garden station. There, you can get a hand stamp which will let you exit to the rose gardens and re-board a later train. Total cost is about $15 per adult. Not the fastest and certainly not the cheapest but if you're planning on the zoo anyway, it's an option.
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