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Strawberry Mountain seen from Logan Valley

Indian Tribes in Oregon

The numerous Indian tribes play a major part in Oregon's history and, although a lot has been lost, there is still an ongoing Indian presence in every part of Oregon. The easiest first stop for any visitor interested in learning about American Indians are the various museum exhibits located around the state.

If you are more adventurous and have the time, there are a number of reservations in Oregon which are the centers for tribal organizations today.

Finally, any visitor interested in Indian history and culture should drive out I-84 to the site of Celilo Falls.

Note that there are tribes without reservations. For instance The Clatsop Nehalem Confederated Tribes has a tribal organization without an associated reservation.

If you plan to be here in September, the Happy Canyon Pageant which takes place during the Pendleton Roundup is worth seeing. In addition there are other tribal events, Click here to see a map showing the location of any pow-wows happening during your visit or click here to see an alphabetical list of every pow-wow in Oregon this year.

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